Do you have doubts about your faith? Are you leaving or thinking about leaving your religion? Perhaps you have already left and now feel sadness and loss. Perhaps you feel that you have no one to talk to.

Leaving religion/faith can be complicated, stressful, and for some, dangerous. Many people can be left feeling confused, isolated, vulnerable, sad and lost. For some people it may also affect their relationships with their family and communities. It can be difficult to find someone who understands the process you are going through and that can provide support that is objective.

Here at Talk Live Counselling, we are experienced in working with people who have left their faith, are leaving their faith, or considering leaving. We have worked with people who have experienced spiritual abuse and/or religious trauma as well as those who feel a sense of grief at the loss of their faith.

We are here to support you, not influence you.

Religious trauma counselling is about working with trauma you have experienced within a religious context. It is not about coercing you to reject or keep your beliefs. We work with you to heal your trauma, not change your belief system. No counsellor (or anyone else) should ever tell you what to believe or not believe.

Yvonne is also a member of the Secular Therapy Project and has given talks to local groups on religious trauma and leaving faith.

**For therapists**
We offer CPD courses on the topic of religious trauma e.g., we have a 3 hour online webinar 'Introduction to Religious Trauma for Counsellors'. We can also provide bespoke courses.

If you are interested in our CPD programmes on religious trauma/spiritual abuse or would like Yvonne to come and do a talk at your organisation please contact