12 Nov

I thought I would take a few moments to dispel some myths about hypnotherapy. A lot of people that come to see me have either very strange ideas about what is going to happen, or expect me to wave a magic wand and transform their problems into fluffy kittens. In a lot of ways, it is not their fault, we have high expectations of hypnotherapists when we see what TV hypnotists like Derren Brown can do. We live in a society of convenience and quick fixes; fast foods, click and collect or better still order online in your PJs and have it delivered. We can access information at the click of a button, and actually we don’t even need to click any buttons now, as more and more devices have voice command these days. We now have smart apps and devices that can control our heating, appliances and lights, so why not our problems?

When we have problems, they can be all consuming and create what seem like insurmountable difficulties. We all want to have that quick fix, to take a pill or go to someone with magic powers who can take it all away. But the reality is that it is very rare in life that just one pill or one session of any type of therapy will ‘fix’ us. We need to accept that difficulties are only overcome when we have a part in our own recovery. No therapist in the universe can fix you, you can only fix yourself.

Hypnotherapy is not magic. Hypnosis is not some mystical ability that will make you unconscious and control you. Under hypnosis you are fully aware of what is happening, in fact you are probably more aware of what is going on as your senses are more alert and tuned in. Under hypnosis you will only accept and do what you choose to. No one can make you do something you do not want to do. So those people who cluck like chickens on the stage, have chosen to. They could very easily say no, open their eyes and walk away.

Hypnotherapy is about helping you to fix yourself. Expect your hypnotherapist to guide you, to help you find the root cause of your problem, to help you reframe the way you think about your problem, to boost your confidence and ability to resolve it. But ultimately, the person who makes the change is you. This makes me feel empowered! I want to feel in control of my own problems and I want my clients to feel the same too. I do not want people to feel dependent on me every time they have a problem, I want to empower them because that is where the success is.

So, what is hypnotherapy? It’s a therapy that uses hypnosis. It is a guiding hand to helping you reframe and take control of your problems. You may find relief after one session or three sessions, but that relief is not the magic wand of hypnosis, it is the magic of you!

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